Safety Rules

Specific Safety Rules

Due to sanitary guidelines related to the COVID-19 pandemic, access to the fairgrounds will be restricted to enable maintaining the required social distance. All persons staying at the event site will be required to comply with the safety and hygiene rules. With the aim of mitigating the risk, a system of precise counting of people present in the facility at the same time will be introduced.

We focus on ensuring that our Fair is a safe meeting place for exhibitors and visitors. In accordance with the regulation on the organisation of fairs, no more than 1 person per 10 m2 may stay at the site of the event. This limit does not include vaccinated persons and persons aged under 12. (Providing information on vaccination by event participants is voluntary). A person who refuses to provide information on vaccination is automatically classified as unvaccinated and counted against the limit of 1 person per 10 m2.

For the safety of everyone, we have increased the width of passageways between the stands to 3m2. Online registration of visitors will be preferred in order to reduce the number of people waiting for entrance. During the fair, we prohibit the distribution of leaflets and activities which could encourage unnecessary gathering of people at the same place. Exhibitors are advised to use stands for advertising materials, newspapers, etc.

EXPO XXI staff handling the event have been trained with regard to the sanitary regime and safety rules during the participants’ stay in the fair facilities. Regular cleaning and disinfection of common surfaces, such as handles, handrails, balustrades, lift buttons, table tops will be carried out using disinfectants at least every 2 hours.

The Exhibitors are bound to train their stand personnel on the principles of sanitary regime and safety during the participants’ stay at the Fairgrounds. The Exhibitors are recommended to clean and disinfect frequently touched elements of the stand infrastructure.

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