Innovations 2019

New offers at AUTOMATICON ®

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Jorgensen EasyTech
Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Poland

Alternative to dedicated jigs and fixtures
The Flex Hex concept with Hexapods is a flexible and reconfigurable alternative to dedicated jigs and fixtures in production.
Several Hexapods can be aligned – the number will depend on the fixture configuration. The individual Hexapod is a robot fixture which can be featured with passive reconfigurable and adaptive tooling on the base plate. It can be reconfigured either automatically by a robot or manually.
The Hexapod system requires no motors, no cables and no wires. This is possible due to a hydraulic system with a pressure intensifier, controlled by a single pneumatic valve which effectively releases and activates the hydraulic clamping system around the segment securing an accurate position.
The Hexapod system ensures flexible transition between batch productions, while also assuring the ability to keep clamping position in case of power failure or disconnecting the fixture from external power when moving on the production line. The reconfiguration takes between 5-30 seconds, depending on degree of difficulty of the reconfiguration.

CoRobotics Sp.z o.o.
ul. Ostrobramska 101A
04-041 Warszawa
T: 22 299 00 80

HCR is a family of industrial collaborative robots for continuous 24/7/365 heavy duty work. Ease of programming, safe work with people and flexibility of applications allow you to automate any production process. The robots are available in versions with the following payloads and ranges:

• HCR-3 – 3 kg – 630 mm
• HCR-5 – 5 kg – 915 mm
• HCR-12 – 12 kg – 1300 mm

The robots are ideal for: assembly, loading and unloading, packaging, machine tending, metal fabrication, operation of injection molding machines, laboratory work, test and inspection, palletizing, welding, painting, polishing, gluing and many other applications.

KUKA CEE GmbH  Sp. z o.o.
Oddział w Polsce
ul. Porcelanowa 10
40-246 Katowice

KR Quantec-2 is a robot that sets a new standard for both conventional and digitized production environments. ts capabilities include long-term benefits such as simplification of commissioning, ease of maintenance and process optimization of the system.
KR Quantec-2 is a reliable, versatile and efficient high-quality solution for your production environment. With an all-purpose design, it is built to work in virtually any market segment, from automotive to foundry to medical – and everything in between.
Streamlined contours, extended permissible ambient conditions and an extremely small footprint ensure utmost flexibility in operation as well as in cell and system planning.
A slimmer modular system supplies flexible robots that are well-matched to their tasks, have fast delivery times and provide a low total cost of ownership – largely through optimized maintenance and a reduced number of spare parts.

INEE Sp. z o.o.
Rybnicka 1a
44-144 Kuźnia Nieborowska
T: 32 235 45 60

KEPServerEX connectivity platform + IoT Gateway
KEPServerEX from Kepware® (PTC group) is the industry’s leading OPC Server. It enables communication with over 150 types of PLC controllers and devices from different manufacturers. Thanks to KEPServerEX, you will introduce your company into the world of Industry 4.0, where communication and interoperability is the key. Data from the PLC can be sent to the database, ERP system or other PLC and back, also with aggregating and calculating. Thanks to the IoT Gateway module, you can easily share selected production data in the master system, e.g. MES or a regular web browser using the REST protocol. In this way, you can automatically generate interactive reports or even create a web visualization, available on any computer, tablet and smartphone.
Come and see that Industry 4.0 technology is available at your fingertips and does not mean enormous expenses or complicated implementation.
A representative of Kepware at the stand!
Hall I, stand C23

Industrial tablet ITC8113 from ads-tec
ITC8113 is an industrial tablet PC, with Windows 7 or Windows 10, with a large 13.3” Full HD touch screen, in a housing resistant to dust and falls. The front of the device has an IP65 degree of protection, so it does not scare flooding. The big advantage of the tablet are 2 independent hot swap batteries – battery replacement on the working device. You can choose from configurations with Celeron or Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM and SSD 120GB. The tablet has 3 USB ports, including one deep eg. for a dongle and Gbit LAN connector (RJ45), which using a docking station allows you to use it instead of a laptop. All connectors are protected against dust and moisture. The device also normally supports WLAN and Bluetooth communication, and optionally LTE. The built-in camera makes it easy to take notes, instructions or documentation. It is therefore an ideal working tool for UR managers, automation specialists, warehouse staff and service technicians.

VMT9000 vehicle terminals from ads-tec
The ads-tec company, a supplier of industrial computers and terminals valued on the German market, launches a new series of industrial terminals intended for installation in vehicles, mainly for forklifts, under the name VMT9000. These are industrial AiO computers, with many different assembly methods, integrated with the vehicle’s ignition switch, enclosed in a dustproof and water-resistant IP66 housing. This allows the terminal to be mounted in a forklift that moves over open terrain. Terminals are available in 4 sizes from 10 to 15 inches, with a resistive or capacitive screen and are equipped with connectors: 4xUSB, 1x /2xCOM (RS232), 2xLAN and optionally CAN and wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi, LTE, Bluetooth, GPS, RFID. New in this series is the optional UPS battery, allowing for 10-15 min. work without external power supply. The highest quality MADE IN GERMNAY and shock- and scratch-resistant (capacitive) screen guarantee long life of the device.

MMT8000 terminals for food and pharmaceutical industry
At the INEE stand (hall I, C23) you can see live MMT8024 and MMT8017 terminals from ads-tec. These are the highest quality industrial computers in IP65 housing, made of stainless steel, intended for the food and pharmaceutical industries. This equipment distinguishes itself on the market with excellent design and ergonomics as well as hygienic assembly – all cables are hidden in the assembly pipe. In addition, tilt & swivel adjustment is possible. Optionally, there is a panel of 7 buttons in the 22.5 mm standard, mounted under the screen. The devices are available in size 17 and 24 inches, both with Full HD resolution, with capacitive, anti-reflective touch screen. Despite the tight housing and passive cooling, the terminal can work with an efficient Core i5 processor, which allows installing even demanding and extensive applications. We provide terminals, assembly parts and we also assemble equipment at the customer’s.

Hungary, H-1119 Budapest, Bártfai u. 34.
Testing & measurement technology in Poland,
Hungary, Romania, Slovakia & Czech
T: +48 693 894 749

We invite You to our booth – Hall 1., A22 – with insight to our:

KYOWA products:

  • Strain gages with pre-attached wires, wide range of patterns, extra mini-large size, self-temp compensation,
    high-low temperature, encapsulated gage up to 950°C, special types
  • Strain/load/pressure/displacement/acceleration sensors, wireless solution
  • Measurement devices & report-making software based in IPC/JEDEC-9704A standard

MERICA products:

  • Test probes ICT/FCT, high-current, high-temp, high-frequency, flying probe, interface, switching, threaded, customized

We are looking forward to seeing You at our booth: Hall 1, A22 with our Polish Product Manager and Japanese Kyowa personally.


AVICON Adam Rosz
Al. F.Chopina 208D
05-092 Łomianki
Tel: (+48 22) 631-03-71

Swivellink Mounting Kits

Swivellink product line includes mounting solutions for machine vision systems which can be used for different applications in all types of industries. Swivellink mounts and guarding solutions are compatible with a wide variety of different brands. Mounting solutions can provide durable base mounts for cameras and sensors while the guarding solutions can provide protection for expensive equipment.

The Swivellink product range includes both basic kits for components and vision systems as well as single mounts, such as links, knuckles or plates, allowing each user to configure the mounts according to the needs of his own solution.

The Swivellink product line has been used for hundreds of different applications in all types of industries: in vision systems, cycle start buttons, sensors, lights, monitors, part fixtures, tool holsters, and robot applications.

Each part is precision-machined from billet 6061 aluminum, anodized, and laser-etched.