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ILME S.p.A.,
Via Marco Antonio Colonna, 9,
20149 Milano,
Tel. +39 02 345 605 1,

Full flexibility with Industrial Ethernet interface

With the new CX 01 J8UM contact insert from the ILME MIXO modular connector range, Industrial Ethernet interfaces for the transmission of Gigabit Ethernet, PROFINET or other IIoT standards can be implemented universally with standard RJ45 cables. The module simply locks the existing RJ45 connector directly to the standardised contour of the connector, so you no longer need manufacturer-specific data cables.


  • Universally suitable for many RJ45 Ethernet cables thanks to mounting on RJ45 contour
  • Reliable and suitable for heavy-duty use thanks to locking of the RJ45 plug with clips and additional cable tie
  • Depending on the RJ45 cable, suitable for Gigabit Ethernet with 6A or Cat. 6 EA and PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) according to IEEE 802.3 standards

Ideal in combination with RJ45 double socket CX 01 J8F for patch cable-to-patch cable connection


AXYR® Wiring in axis.

More automation means more wires.
At the same time, industry needs connection solutions to be worked in less time in the smallest of spaces.
At ILME, we continuously focus on R&D to make wiring easier, faster and safer while reducing costs associated with assembly and maintenance processes.
Our answer to allow a fast and straight wiring is called AXYR® Wiring in axis.

AXYR® connection offers an extremely compact spring push-in termination, which equals the crimp connectors in high density, without need for any crimping tool.

An easy, tool-less connection resistant to mechanical stress and vibrations, suitable for any installation requirement.

  • just one action: insert the wire
  • one size fits the whole range of cross-sectional areas
  • suitable for rigid or stranded conductors, unprepared and ferrule-prepared.
  • rewirable
  • mateable with their corresponding crimp version.
    You can see and try it live in Hall1 B2.

Modular connectors for protected data transmission

Interfaces that transmit data standards such as PROFINET with Gigabit or Megabit Industrial Ethernet require particularly high EMC protection and the best possible 360° shielding. In order to achieve the highest protection here, depending on the application area (e.g. railway) the shield transmission is carried out separately or as often as possible connected to the protective earth (PE). With the Shielded MIXO modules from ILME, this is always possible as an option:

MIXO Shielded Module with 20 poles for 4A / 32V

  • CX 20S I shield separated from PE
  • CX 20S IG shield connected to PE

MIXO Megabit module for IIoT with Cat. 5e & up to 100 Mbps (4 twisted pairs STP)

  • CX 08 D5 shield separated from PE
  • CX 08 D5G shield connected to PE

MIXO Gigabit module for IIoT with Cat. 6A and up to 10 Gbit/s (4 twisted pairs STP)

  • CX 08 I6 shield separated from PE

CX 08 I6G shield connected to PE

ILME IL-BRID: stainless steel core

In addition to the substitution of metals by lighter materials, lightweight construction also includes the combination of different materials to match their advantages.

The IL-BRID improved closing mechanism combines the action of two materials working together for a durable and low-wear performance:

  • SOFT TOUCH – first contact of the thermoplastic material on the peg
  • STRONG GRIP – stable hold of the stainless steel for a steady closing

The benefits don’t stop there, in addition to the ergonomic proprietary design for an easy opening, IL-BRID performs:

  • self-extinguishing UL approved thermoplastic material
  • IP65/IP66/IP69 degree of protection according to EN 60529
  • optimal locking strength to sustain even large cables
  • compact footprint
  • possibility to replace the lever without tools
  • available for the standard size enclosures

You can see and try it live in Hall1 B2.

WIRE SOLUTIONS Grzegorz Bednarz
ul. Opatowicka 16
52-028 Wrocław
tel.: +48 606 725 122

Wire Processing Center
Zoller + Fröhlich

An integrated solution for the production of cables for control cabinets – an absolute novelty of the Zoller+Fröhlich in the cable harness industry. We make work easier. This solution ensures repeatability, speed and, above all, QUALITY at the highest level.

Here are the options offered by the WIRE PROCESSING CENTER (WPC):

⦿ Wire marking
⦿ Crimping the appropriate terminal on the cable
⦿ Possibility to add an EPLAN file or a CAE file to the machine (step-by-step creation of all lines from the list in the file)
⦿ Supported cross-sections: from 0.5 mm² to 2.5 mm²
⦿ Z+F EVOFEED® multi-purpose feeder
⦿ Printing labels according to the file
⦿ UNIC-GV universal crimper
⦿ Thermal Transfer Printer (THM-MMP)

Link to the product:

Product video:

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