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MSF-Vathauer Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co KG
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32758 Detmold
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Decentralized drive technology with the Field Drive System®
The Field Drive System® (FDS) is a modular drive technology system for decentralized automation. It is used for transport and logistics systems in application areas such as internal logistics, airport logistics or parcel logistics. With its clearly defined advantages over other products, the system manages to meet every expectation of our customers.
From the Field Drive System® benefit both project planners, programmers and commissioning engineers, and end users of intralogistics system. Noteworthy are short project planning times, short installation times on the construction site, saving of resources used, as well as high system availability for the plant operator through the “Plug and Produce”.
Due to the modular motor starters and frequency inverter, facility modules can also be changed or extended at the last second. Should production processes and therefore logistics procedures change in the future, than the system can quickly and without reaction adapt to future tasks.But this is not the only advantage:
The control management can be carried out in different ways.
Among them are: for example; the AS-Interface, Profibus, Profinet or also Binary.
Thus, the equipment variability is a substantial bonus point of the system.  Also a built-in intelligence for storage conveying systems without external control is possible. Moreover, the Field Drive System® stands for short project lead times, short downtimes for maintenance and many other advantages.The demands on the flexibility of machines and solutions are increasing and the fourth revolution of the industry is imminent.  MSF Vathauer Antriebstechnik is always one step ahead of the current trends to meet the technical requirements of the users. The future runs in the direction to modular structured production with decentralized motor management, i.e. machines and production processes are becoming more flexible and intelligent. Therefore, the drive systems have to adapt to changeable demands. This decisive factor was recognized by MSF Vathauer Antriebstechnik and implemented directly.
The technology company is ready for the next innovation and looks with creative ideas to the future.

Description of our energy efficiency solutionThe Energy-Recovery-System (ERS) allows it for AC- standard motors and servo drives to feed back energy directly without loss in new and existing production lines. Surplus energy is not converted by braking resistors into heat but returned by the ERS back into the system network without buffering, so that the total power consumption of your production is reduced.
This System allows as a result of the new technology an economical energy recovery – and this even at low power levels. Due to the circuit topology and connection technology, the use is possible both in new production and existing production lines for retrofitting. The ERS converts the excess energy with an efficiency of 98% and returns this without buffering back into the existing plant network.
The Energy Recovery System (ERS) is one of the innovative developments in drive technology. Where energy-crushing braking resistors have been used in the past, the ERS is used today. Thus the technology of the braking resistors will be replaced.
To increase energy efficiency, the ERS can be applied in various production facilities. The location is everywhere where in production facilities, due to the process, electrical energy surplus arises, which so far only by means of inefficient braking resistors needed to be discharged in the form of heat. The applications can be found in intralogistics systems, high-bay warehouses, packaging equipment, printing machines, robotics and elevators and goods elevators.
The surplus energy produced in standard or servo motors is affected by the respective production process. The use of classical braking resistors reaches in modern production facilities its limitations. Through cutting-edge semiconductor technology and fast microprocessors, the ERS is able to feed back the excess energy without intermediate storage immediately into the system network. The ERS supports the new development of production systems in the area of ERP and Eco-design Directives. Even old manufacturing facilities respect. Energy Management Systems (ISO 50001) can the ERS bring to a new energy level.The ERS is aimed to these target groups:
• Manufacturer of production plants
• Users of production plants
•  Operators of production plants
• Manufacturers and operators of elevators and goods elevatorsThe ERS is used also in applications where a standard asynchronous or servo drive is located.
Furthermore, both rotary and linear drive movements are covered by the Energy recovery system and these energetically optimized. Mentioned are, for example, Multi-axis robot, Delta robots, electric monorails, electric mobility (electric vehicles, e-bikes), rolling stock (rail, metro, tram).
Through standard interfaces, the ERS can be integrated into any production facility and to any system control. The connection technology enables quick integration into old and new production facilities. Furthermore, the ERS has appropriate security measures, which are crucial specifically for the passenger and freight elevators, as well as for the high-bay warehouse technology. Other communication interfaces allow the user to monitor the ERS and the display of the energy recovery via mobile devices (smart phones, tablet PC’s). By linking with other control systems, the ERS contributes to the energy industry 4.0 solutions.
The focus on the user needs have incorporated the security measures, the standard interfaces and networking opportunity with other control systems. Furthermore is the compact design size (the ERS is smaller than a comparable “old technology”) at increased performance in focus, so that old production facilities can be easily retrofitted. The fact, that the ERS is already deployed at low motor power, expands the market potential and sets itself apart from other. This represents a unique selling point and offers the user significant added value.
At present, our customers from various sectors are testing the ERS in corresponding applications in intralogistics, passenger and freight elevators, as well as for linear positioning.
The ERS will be in regard to further industrial 4.0 Networking and for other motor power ratings further developed in order to exploit the additional market potential. In addition, the Energy Recovery System is advertised via a targeted marketing campaign, as well as best practice examples and advertisements placed in trade magazines in various channels, such as online, social media, print and direct mail. Additionally the ERS is introduced to the market through our dealer network throughout Europe.
MSF Vathauer Antriebstechnik offers already in other drive areas energy-optimized drives.
Due to increasing energy costs, and by the constant use of the latest technologies,
components of automation technology and drive technology are examined continuously. The use of energy efficient braking resistors causes considerable difficulties to our customers to establish the energy management system acc. ISO 50001. Due to the high industry know-how, through the decades of experience in the development of drives and control systems but also by the impact of our customers the ERS was developed to meet customer needs.

Nordson Polska Sp. Z.o.o.
Ul. Nakielska 3,
01.106 Warsawa
Tel: +48 601 299 111

Jet Valve Systems
We present you our latest jet valve systems offering unparalleled speed and accuracy in non-contact dispensing. Jetting, or non-contact dispensing, allows manufacturers to dispense small amounts of fluids at faster speeds without sacrificing accuracy. The results include reduced waste, rework, and rejects, and higher throughput yields.

Jet Valve System – Liquidyn P-Jet CT
Dispense low- to medium-viscosity fluids in extremely accurate, repeatable beads and lines with the high-performance Liquidyn® P-Jet CT jet valve. Micro-deposits as small as 3 nL can be applied at up to 280Hz. The Liquidyn P-Jet CT features easily exchangeable dispensing nozzles, tappets, and fluid inlet fittings, making it possible to customize for specific application requirements. Wetted parts separate from the actuator allow for fast, easy serviceability and maintenance.

Jet Valve System – Pico Pµlse
Nordson EFD’s PICO® Pµlse™ exchangeable, modular jet valve technology dispenses with industry-leading accuracy and speed to apply very precise, repeatable micro-deposits at 1000Hz continuous and bursts up to 1500Hz. The PICO Pµlse delivers faster, more precise jetting over any surface, including uneven and hard-to-reach surfaces. It dispenses with less turbulence for greater fluid deposit consistency, placement, and process control.

Automated Dispensing System
Automated dispensing systems from Nordson EFD delivers easy automation for precise fluid application with a vision pencil camera. True 3D motion control makes programming dots, lines, circles, arcs, and compound arcs fast and simple

1K & 2K Components
Nordson EFD’s high-quality mixers ensure optimal performance of two-component materials by dividing and recombining the materials evenly into a homogeneous stream.
For a best-in-class dispensing solution, our disposable square OptiMixer™ optimizes mix performance in a 20% shorter length and reduces material waste by up to 30%.

Fluid Dispenser
Nordson EFD dispensers increase throughput, improve yields, and reduce production costs through precise application of adhesives, lubricants, and other assembly fluids.

Gateways collect data from wireless sensors and send it to Efento Cloud platform. Gateways are equiped with Ethernet interface and can be powered either by USB or PoE.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy and Ethernet interface
  • Efento Gateway collects data from your sensors and sends it to the Efento Cloud platform
  • The device is pre-configured – additional configuration takes less than 2 minutes
  • Connect the AC charger or use the PoE option to eliminate any additional cables!
  • One Efento Gateway can transmit measurements from 100 wireless sensors

Wireless sensors measure and wirelessly transfer in real-time temeprature and humidity. Sensors cooperate with mobile applications (Efento Inspector, Efento Transport and Efento Logger) or with Efento Cloud platform. Sensor’s range: up to 100 m (line of sight).

• Temperature measurements with accuracy up to 0.2 °C in the -10°C to +70°C range and 0.5°C in the -35°C to -10°C range; relative humidity measurements with accuracy of 4% RH in the 0% do 80% RH range
• Large built-in memory – up to 28 000 measurements
• Range: up to 100 meters (line of sight)
• Battery operation time: up to two years
• Works with free Android applications Efento Inspector, Efento Transport, Efento Logger and Efento Cloud platform