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NORRES Polska Sp. z o.o.
Rolna 9, Sady, PL-62-080 Tarnowo Podgórne, Poland
Phone: +48 61 293 31 80

NORRES offers the PUR-AS and FOOD-AS product line certified according to TRGS 727
Since 2016, the new regulation TRGS 727 became valid. Hoses, which are intended to be used in hazardous areas, have to be certified according to the TRGS 727. According to the now valid TRGS 727, for aspiration and transport of inflammable bulk materials and the use in hazardous areas, the user should choose certified hoses.
NORRES already offers a solution: certified suction and transport hoses from the PUR-AS and FOOD-AS-product line for aspiration and pneumatic transport of inflammable bulk materials.

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems
Bürkert Oddział w Polsce
ul. Bernardyńska 14a
02-904 Warszawa
kom. 515 051 774

The 8098 flowmeter is a product of the FLOWave range.
It uses the SAW (Surface Acoustic Waves)
technology and is mainly designed for applications with highest hygienic demands.
This is achieved by using: – suitable stainless steel materials – a tube free of any inner parts – the ideal outer design.
FLOWave offers a range of features, including flexibility advantages, ease of cleaning, compact size, light weight,
easy installation and handling, and is compliant with numerous standards.
Optimal measurement results can be achieved with homogenous, air and solid free liquids.
For higher viscous liquids an integrated viscosity compensation can be used.
Gas and steam cannot be measured however these media do not have any negative effect on the device or its operation.
Other liquids flowing through again afterwards are measured correctly as before.
Special functions derived from further process values (density factor, acoustic transmission factor)
offer additional information about the particular liquid in use.

Metronic AKP s.c.
Ul. Wybickiego 7
31-261 Kraków
T: +48 12 633 08 73
M: + 48 695 378 563

Flow totalizer with data recording
FP4 is a modern, versatile and precise flow meter which is intended primarily for the measurement of:
• flow of fluids,
• flow of vapour and process gases without compensation,
• measurement of flow and other values in one device (e.g. flow and temperature of fluid).

Main features of flow totalizer:
• 2 analog inputs.
• 2 PULS inputs.
• 2 math channels.
• 2 totalizers for every channel.
• 4” Touch screen LCD.
• Internal memory 2 GB.
• USB port on fornt panel.
• Ethernet port and RS-485 port.

Cooperating with different type of flowmeter, transducer or sensors, such as:
• water meters,
• ultrasonic, electromagnetic or volumetric flowmeter,
• sensor of compressed air flow,
• pressure, humidity or level transducers,
• temperatur sensor.

Areas of application:
• Industry of food, steel mills, glass or paper.
• Power plants.
• Power engineering.
• Refineries.
• Waterworks.

Nordson Polska Sp. Z.o.o.
Ul. Nakielska 3
01-106 Warsawa
Tel: +48 601 299 111

Non-contact micro dispensing: Liquidyn® Jetting Valves
The P-Jet CT and P-Dot CT pneumatic jet valves deliver precise, consistent non-contact dispensing of low- to high-viscosity fluids with micro-deposits starting at 3nL. Rigorously tested to withstand highly industrial environments, the P-Jet CT and P-Dot CT also feature a low cost of ownership.

PICO® Pµlse™ Jetting Valve
PICO Pµlse modular jetting technology removes the barrier between speed and accuracy. Even at max speed, the non-contact dispensing valve provides industry-leading accuracy in deposit consistency and placement for your most challenging applications.

Tabletop Automation: EV Series & PRO Series
Nordson EFD’s range of automated dispensing systems are specifically designed and configured for precise fluid dispensing using EFD syringe barrel and valve systems. The systems set up quickly and are easy to run, providing more time for other projects while increasing product yield.

OptiMixer. Optimized mix performance
The OptiMixer’s unique, patent-pending design incorporates material flow path improvements and redesigned wedge elements. Both contribute to significantly improved mix quality in a length that is about 20% shorter than comparable square mixers – the shortest in the marketplace.

Fluid Dispensing Systems. New Product promotion: Performus X15-100
Nordson EFD’s precision dispensing systems make it simple to apply accurate, repeatable amounts of virtually any assembly fluid – including adhesives, epoxies, lubricants, threadlockers, paints and grease. The result is higher productivity, better quality and reliability, a cleaner and safer workplace, and lower production costs.

Mini spray valve. 781Mini™ Spray Valve
The 781Mini precision spray valve features a patent-pending design that directs nozzle air pressure more consistently, for a more uniform spray pattern. It also features a 60% smaller form factor than conventional spray valves, allowing it to spray in tighter spaces and at more complex angles.

Solder Paste.
Nordson EFD’s comprehensive line of ISO-certified solder paste solutions include quality printing and dispensing soldering pastes that meet the most stringent application requirements. The premium dispensing solder paste supports a wider array of applications with formulations created for specific uses.

LAPP KABEL Sp. z o.o.
ul. Profesjonalna 1
Biskupice Podgórne
55-040 Kobierzyce
Tel. +48 071 330 6 369
Fax +48 071 330 6 306